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Lady Bird (Tadd Dameron)

"Lady Bird" is one of several compositions in the Safe Sax book by Tadd Dameron, the innovative writer, pianist, and arranger. Its clever chord changes and remarkable "turn-around" (the last two bars of the first eight bars) make it sound like the virtual national anthem of bebop, but it was apparently written in 1939 (when Dameron was 22).

The Safe Sax version is voiced for the Charlie Barnet sound (soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone sax). The sample features part of a solo by Michael Daly, a two-bar drums break, and the last eight bars of the tune.

Safe Sax musicians include Steve Koerner (lead soprano sax), Ken Partyka (alto sax), Ian Robertson (tenor sax), Glenn Broadhead (baritone sax), Bill Reda (guitar), Michael Daly (bass), and Bill Byan (drums).

Recorded in 2008 by Nick Eipers and his students at Columbia College (Chicago).