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Autumn Leaves (Joseph Kosma, Jacques Prevert, Johnny Mercer )

This wonderful composition from the 1950s, originally called "Les Feuilles Mortes," has music by Hungarian composer Joseph Kosma and lyrics by French poet Jacques Prevert (with English lyrics by Johnny Mercer). It lives a double life as a pop standard (featuring Roger Williams's descending pianistic ripples from 1955) and, at the other extreme of taste, a jazz favorite—most notably on Errol Garner's immortal Concert by the Sea album (also from 1955).

The Halfway to Dawn trio version begins with a reflective intro by Bill Reda and 8 bars by Broadhead on clarinet in the instruments lowest register (with the beautiful name "chalumeau"). It then shifts tempo and register into a not-too-relaxed swing kept honest by Michael Daly's propulsive bass.

Halfway to Dawn musicians include Glenn Broadhead (clarinet), Bill Reda (guitar), and Michael Daly (bass).

Recorded in 2008 by Nick Eipers and his students at Columbia College (Chicago).